Oral cavity health contributes a lot when it comes to overall wellbeing and if any part of it is not in its optimal state leads to decreased quality of life. One of such conditions is having a sore mouth roof. One of the complications it brings along is the halt of eating and drinking and difficulties while talking.
If you have a sore mouth roof and pain in the oral cavity, read this blog to find out the reasons for this issue and treatment methods.

What Makes The roof Of Mouth Sore?

Various health conditions cause pain in the mouth, making it sore such as:

Mouth Sores

The sores develop on the palate of your mouth, including minor ulceration, often known as a canker sore. Common reasons for canker sore appearance on the palate or tonsil are:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Mouth injury
  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiency

Injuries of the Mouth

Your mouth palate, be it hard or soft, may suffer from pain and tenderness because of mouth trauma. The incident does not have to be severe; even a tiny impact when eating sharp foods can cause cuts and bruises in those tissues leading to blister formation.

Oral Thrush

When the fungal load of Candida albicans becomes overbearing in the mouth, it causes an infection known as oral thrush. In this condition, the tongue goes white, the roof of the mouth turns sore, and the lips crack up. Moreover, you may temporarily lose sense of taste.

Squamous Papilloma

HPV or Human Papillomavirus causes warts or squamous papillomas eruption on the mouth roof, making it sore. They appear as small white cauliflower. These protrusions are not cancerous and usually do not cause much pain.

Oral Cancer

A sore lump on the palate may be an oral cancerous bump. And in such a situation, getting a healthcare professional’s opinion and proper diagnosis is essential.

Dry Mouth Or Xerostomia

In some conditions, your salivary glands get blocked, turning your mouth severely dry. It can also happen if the mouth undergoes dehydration because of diarrhea, lack of fluid intake, or medical issues such as diabetes. Dry tissues will lead to painful sores on the mouth palate.

Burning Sensation

A cold or canker sore, oral thrush, or dry mouth; can all cause a feeling of burn inside your mouth.


Gums undergo inflammation mainly because of poor oral hygiene regime and end up having bacterial buildup. It presents with swollen, bleeding, and discolored gums. Age, smoking habits, and continuous dry mouth are some risk factors that increase the individual’s susceptibility towards this issue.

Oral herpes

It is a viral infection of the mouth that hits the roof and gums. Oral herpes is characterized by red and inflamed gums with fever, and its occurrence is most prevalent in childhood.

Treating Sore Mouth Roof

Usually, a sore mouth roof easily resolves on its own However, there is a wide variety of remedies available to try at home ranging from saltwater rinse to OTC topical pain-relieving gels.

When To Contact Your Doctor

If your sore mouth doesn’t get better within a few days, it is time for a close oral checkup. The reason could be a virus, bacteria, or fungi, and each category has dedicated treatment that should start. If you are looking for a dental professional in Houston, TX, reach out to Smile time Dental, call 281 245 0711

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