Planning to get dentures and wondering how long it takes to make them? We have your answer. Crafting dentures is a journey based on individual needs. While pinpointing an exact duration is not possible, we can provide a general overview of the process. In general, it takes around 5 weeks to 3 months to make dentures, but this time can be longer based on specific factors.

Denture-Making Process Breakdown

The journey begins with examining your remaining teeth, and then dentists devise an action plan according to that. They will factor in parameters like:

  • Whether or not you need a partial or full denture.
  • If tooth extraction is necessary.

Extraction and Healing

Another frequently asked question is, “How long does it take to get dentures after extractions?” Well, after necessary extractions, your gums take time to heal before the denture-making process begins. This healing phase is essential for the best fit of your dentures. You can expect that to happen within 6-8 weeks; this span is enough for the impressions needed for the denture.
During this healing period, your dental care expert will schedule regular check-ups to keep their eyes on your progress. They may advise adjustments if more time is needed. Moreover, those seeking a temporary solution during this time might get a healing aid and same-day fix after an extraction.

The Impression

Once your gums have properly healed, your dental care expert takes an impression of your mouth. This is done to prepare a negative mold with the help of a liquid or semi-solid material. This forms a replica of your dental arches.
Word of caution: Precision in this step is crucial for crafting dentures that fit you perfectly.

Bite Check and Choosing Your New Teeth

Once you cross an hour mark after the impression, they use wax blocks to prepare a proper bite and tooth orientation. This is also when you get to choose your new teeth’ shape, size, and color. Bringing someone who knows you well is helpful, and your dentist might provide insights based on your mouth’s structure.

How Long Does The Lab Work Take?

On the whole, this entire process entails impression work, and wax blocks sent to the lab take time. Within a day or two, they set your permanent teeth into wax with the help of your dentist’s directions. Once done, you will then be called in for a try-out. They will check for fit, function, and aesthetics in this appointment.
Minor changes are easily made at this soft wax stage. Once both parties agree on the look, your dentures will be returned to the lab for final adjustments. After approximately 2-4 days, your dentures are cleaned, polished, and ready for the final fitting.

Immediate Dentures

For those seeking a temporary fix, your dentist may offer immediate dentures. Unlike regular ones, they are molded to your oral cavity before tooth extraction, fitting them on the same day.

How Long Does It Take to Make Immediate Dentures?

The process for immediate dentures is slightly different than regular ones. Consultation with your dental care expert is the starting point. The appointment includes determining whether immediate dentures suit your overall health and oral condition. Before the tooth extraction, impressions of your current teeth are taken. The frequency of visits depends on individual needs and whether preliminary surgery is required.
If you choose complete immediate dentures, you need to get rid of your back teeth 6-8 weeks before denture fabrication. During the visits, impressions, bite records, and tooth selection take place before the mold heads to the lab for manufacture.

Closing Note

The choice mainly depends on your case, so trust the professionals to make the right call for you. Contact experts from Smile Time Dental today and discuss your condition. Call us at (281) 245-0711.

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