If you don’t know what a gumline cavity is, you are not alone! A cavity can form in the grooves or pits of your molars, in between your teeth, or even on your gumline. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about a gumline cavity!

What Exactly Causes A Gumline Cavity?

A dental cavity can form when there is a buildup of plaque inside your mouth. The bacteria from the plaque produce acids, and eventually, these acids start to ruin your tooth’s enamel. Eventually, a pit begins to develop in your tooth, causing a cavity to occur.

It may come as a surprise, but plaque can rapidly grow in some regions of your mouth. For example, plaque loves to grow around the fissures and pits of your back teeth. In addition, plaque quickly builds up around your gumline. If plaque is not removed from your gumline, a gumline cavity can occur!

How Do You Treat Gumline Cavities?

Most often, an expert dentist, like those at Smile Time Dental, will fill in your tooth as a way of treating your cavity. First, your dentist will numb the infected area to minimize pain caused by the treatment. After, your dentist will use a laser or drill to destroy the decayed material. Finally, your cavity will be filled in with material such as composite resin or even dental amalgam.

Mostly all gumline cavities are treated in the same manner; however, your treatment may differ based on what your dentist thinks is the best approach.

How Can I Avoid Getting Gumline Cavities?

The most effective way to avoid getting cavities is to brush your teeth twice a day. In addition, flossing is imperative to ensure you avoid getting cavities.

Finally, ensure you are getting regular dental checkups with your local dentist, like those at Smile Time Dental. Your dentist will fully clean your teeth and eliminate any tartar or plaque that may be building up on your gumline. Furthermore, your dentist has the knowledge and expertise to identify and examine your mouth for certain dental conditions, such as gum recession, that could cause you to get gumline cavities.

Final Thoughts

If you need a dentist that can help treat your gumline cavities, you have come to the right place! Smile Time Dental is here to help with all of your dental needs! We are your expert dentists in Houston, Texas, and we want to ensure you have a dentist that genuinely cares about your dental needs. To learn more about all the services we offer, call us today at 281-245-0711. In addition, you can visit our website at www.smiletimedentalhouston.com .

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