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How Can There Be A Pimple On Tongue?

A pimple is a boil that grows when the oil gland, pores, or follicle gets clogged and infected. It is swollen, red, and painful; it may or may not have pus in them. While we know this for a fact, the tongue is an organ that does not have follicles or clogged pores, so...

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Foods To Eat Or Avoid With Braces

Are you tired of getting food stuck in your braces? Confusion about the selection of food types for people with braces is real. Let's categorize what to eat and what not to eat with braces on. But first, we need to have an outlook on what braces are, their type, and...

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Is Biting Your Tongue Bad? Here’s What To Know

Biting your tongue is a common accident that can happen to anyone. You may bite your tongue: when chewing food due to dental sedation while sleeping stress or anxiety due to seizures during a fall or because of a bike accident while playing sports Cuts or wounds due...

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Tooth Abscess Stages, Causes & Symptoms

A tooth abscess or gum abscess is an infection of the tooth that causes an accumulation of pus around the gums or under the tooth. Leakage from previous dental work, oral injury, or untreated decay are the common triggers of infection. A tooth abscess or infection can...

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How to Avoid Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction

While there are very few chances of getting a dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction, you may experience this painful event that also slows down the healing. Learning how to avoid dry socket will make you less worried, and you can be on your way to a speedy...

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