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Why Should I Not Chew On Ice?

Unconscious ice chewing is pretty common amongst individuals and a habit no one really pays attention to. However, you must know that chewing ice is bad for your teeth and acts as a starting point for oral health issues. This can lead to an expensive trip to the...

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Tooth Hurts When I Bite Down, What Do I Do?

If the tooth hurts when you bite down, then it might be an indicator for an underlying condition. Let’s have a look at some causes of why you face tooth pain while biting. Tooth or Its Filling Hitting Harder than Others Occlusion in dental language means two teeth...

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Is Using A Mouthwash Before Brushing Better or After?

The two building blocks that support the entire oral health regime are brushing twice and regular flossing once a day. However, in this day and age, people are now aware of the importance of using mouthwash as well. Mouthwash rinse gives the routine an added boost or...

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Are These HPV Bumps On Your Tongue?

Warts growing anywhere on your skin is very unpleasant, more so if it emerges in the mouth. Human papilloma virus or HPV is the main reason these bumps or warts on the tongue grow; they are pretty uncommon and pop out of nowhere. But, that is not the case; here, we...

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Why Does My Baby Have White Tongue?

After giving birth, you may notice some changes happening in your baby’s body in the coming days. Do not worry; its growing, and thus gradual changes are expected. You may find that the tongue of your baby has gone white – nothing to worry about. The white layer can...

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