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How can Dentures fit better in Your Mouth?

People who wear dentures might sometimes face an embarrassing situation where their dentures click while speaking or laughing, slip out of their mouth, make biting and chewing difficult, cause pain and discomfort, and at times dentures don’t fit as they are too big...

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What Can Cause Your Gums to Become White?

Gums are the most neglected part of our mouth. In most cases, people are unaware of the fact that healthy gums should be pink. However, due to gum disease, infection, and negligence of oral health gums around teeth can turn white. White gums, at times, also indicate...

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How to Get Rids of Bugs from Teeth?

Before you begin reading this blog, know that everybody has bugs in their teeth. It is very hard to get rid of them. They form as a result of the combination of the already present bacteria in your mouth and the next meal that you consume. The bacteria are present in...

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How Long Does It Take For Cavities to Form?

Having perfect teeth can be a blessing for many. However, with time perfect teeth can also have some problems and may begin to form cavities. But cavities do not develop all of a sudden. It takes more than a few months or a year to develop them. The main reason is the...

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Want Quality Dentistry? Try Us

When it comes to oral care, not many people want to settle with an average treatment. Every person wants to choose the best for themselves. Even dentists try to provide the best dental care to his/her patients. In today’s world people, along with caring about the...

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Do You Have Short Teeth?

We often hear people complaining of their discolored, crooked or chipped teeth. But have you ever thought that these are not the only dental concerns to worry about? Many people have shiny and straight incisors and yet their smile may look odd. Having short teeth is...

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