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Dealing with a cavity under a crown

Many of us have cavities. We eat and drink all day; therefore, our teeth are constantly battling with each other. Even a cavity under the crown or below the jawline can happen. However, cleaning it is essential; otherwise, it can lead to tooth loss. Crowns restore the...

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Gum for dentures; Are they healthy enough

Proper teeth and gums enhance your smile and confidence. Various health issues or accidents can result in tooth loss; therefore, alternative options must be kept in mind. Dentist opts for dentures, depending on the conditions; it can be complete or partial. Before...

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Why does my crown hurt? What to do?

A dental crown is a cap the dentist place on the tooth if it is cracked or damaged. It even improves the appearance and size of the tooth. Additionally, it gives extra strength and functionality to the tooth. Few patients complain, "why does my crown hurt," so is it...

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Guide to your full mouth extraction

Fear is a primary concern of people for delaying their dental appointments. Whether it’s the fear of treatment or cost, postponement can result in severe consequences. The spread of cavity, tooth decay, and bacterial infections can move from one tooth to full mouth...

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Who would need an implant-supported bridge?

A dental implant bridge is the closest option to natural teeth when you are missing a broad span of teeth. These are small titanium posts that mimic previous roots. When a dentist uses an implant-supported bridge, he/she places one implant in the jawbone for each...

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What are the Alternatives to a Dental Implant?

A dental implant may feel a valid solution to many for a missing tooth replacement. It functions similar to the natural tooth and feels real to people. But this is not the only choice. There are other alternatives to dental implants. Patients who do not prefer a...

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