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7 Reasons Why You Have A Bump On The Roof Of Your Mouth

Jan 30, 2022

Your mouth has sensitive tissues that show effects even to the slightest change that happens. The bump on the roof of the mouth is worrisome if it does not resolve in a short span. A bump is caused because of various reasons, ranging from tissue trauma to more severe ones like oral cancer. Luckily, most […]

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How To Deal With Hole In The Gums? Insights For You

Jan 15, 2022

We often experience swelling and inflammation on the gums; what if we see a hole in it? Gums hold the teeth, making up 90 % of the mouth cavity. Both of them should be in shape for good oral health. Wondering why you have a hole in your gums? Do not worry; this blog has […]

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Black Tartar on Teeth – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Method

Dec 30, 2021

Regular brushing and floss are the most important components of oral hygiene, and anyone who doesn’t, faces plaque buildup on their teeth. It is an accumulation of bacteria and food particles on the teeth. If the issue is not handled, it hardens to form calcified tartar. It is one of the few things that makes […]

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Top 7 Options To Straighten Teeth Without Having Braces On

Dec 15, 2021

Wanting to work on your smile while also having a fear of sitting on the dentist’s chair? Well, you are not the only one. Studies show that many adults do not particularly favor the use of braces for fixing their pearly whites. Luckily, it is possible to straighten teeth without getting braces on, curious to […]

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Why Do Canker Sores Grow On Tonsils?

Nov 30, 2021

Having a sore throat is pretty common; every now and then, they are accompanied with other painful signs too. It is possible to have a swollen throat without any other complicated symptom; which may be due to a canker sore on the tonsil present at the back of your throat. Minor canker sores are very […]

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Brushing teeth before or after breakfast – a dilemma

Oct 30, 2021

As long as we remember, emphasis on brushing for a good two minutes twice a day is seen. No one really discusses whether to brush teeth before or after breakfast, isn’t it? Well, a standard routine is to get up every morning and get on with brushing. But, how can we say that it is […]

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How Can There Be A Pimple On Tongue?

Sep 30, 2021

A pimple is a boil that grows when the oil gland, pores, or follicle gets clogged and infected. It is swollen, red, and painful; it may or may not have pus in them. While we know this for a fact, the tongue is an organ that does not have follicles or clogged pores, so technically, […]

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Foods To Eat Or Avoid With Braces

Sep 15, 2021

Are you tired of getting food stuck in your braces? Confusion about the selection of food types for people with braces is real. Let’s categorize what to eat and what not to eat with braces on. But first, we need to have an outlook on what braces are, their type, and why food gets stuck. […]

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