As long as we remember, emphasis on brushing for a good two minutes twice a day is seen. No one really discusses whether to brush teeth before or after breakfast, isn’t it? Well, a standard routine is to get up every morning and get on with brushing. But, how can we say that it is the right practice? The answer is discussed in this blog.

Why Brush Your Teeth Before Breakfast?

Let’s have a look at why this became a rule of thumb. Saliva, a natural liquid in the mouth, has more duties to perform than you think. First and foremost role is lubrication. Secondly, during the day, its production helps in moving small food particles in the mouth and does not let debris stick. Saliva production decreases during the night.

Bacteria multiply in the oral cavity while you sleep. Their presence gives the characteristic morning breath and an earthy taste. If you brush your teeth before breakfast instead of afterward, then fluoride will get rid of the bacteria that may form plaque and strengthen enamel.

Fluoride covers the tooth and protects the enamel from what might come next. Another added advantage of brushing before eating anything for breakfast is that it kick starts the saliva production for the day.

What if You Brush Your Teeth After Breakfast?

It is not recommended. However, brushing teeth after breakfast may not be that bad if you can’t function without getting something in the stomach. Let’s have a look at why it is not ideal to do so.

There are certain foods that you must be careful with; consuming them and brushing teeth right after can be harmful. Food or beverages that have acidic and sugar content in them are highly likely to cause problems. As mentioned earlier, the quantity of bacteria is more during the first hours; eating sugar and acidic food is like inviting them to play.

If this routine is practiced in continuity, you are more likely to develop cavities that may lead to tooth decay.

Breakfast options like omelets, cereals, and yogurt are better when it comes to teeth health. We would advise you to wait at least thirty minutes before you plan to brush after having breakfast. Drinking water to flush bacteria right after getting up is a good option to lessen the impact of this habit.


With all the shreds of evidence above, you now know which option is better, the former. However, it totally depends on you. You do what is easy for your regime. At Smile Time Dental, your oral health is our priority; drop by anytime in case you need assistance regarding anything. We will be more than happy to help you with all your dental needs. Call now to book an appointment at 281-245-0711.

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