If your child has had an accident whereby his or her teeth have been chipped, become stained, had their molars dulled, or have irregular spacing, cosmetic dentistry might be an option. But, you may be wondering, can children receive cosmetic dentistry services? Yes, they can. The key is to go to a dentist that also does pediatric dentistry. This ensures that they know how to handle a sensitive and growing mouth. Additionally, they will know how to design solutions that will take your child’s age into account and future growth potential. Here are some of the cosmetic services your children can receive from Smile Time Dental.


Children often put things into their mouths that they should not. If your child has bitten down hard on a toy or perhaps even cutlery while they were eating, they might have sheared off the top of their tooth. Or, a large chunk of their tooth may have broken off at the side. Crowning is a great option that can serve to restore the chewing ability of the child. The tooth will be smoothed by a tool. This is done without the need for a numbing agent. Next, a tooth that fits the shape, size, and design of their tooth prior to breaking will be fitted. Once it dries, it will be unrecognizable from the other teeth, and just as functional.


Contrary to what you may have heard, veneers are not exclusive to adults only. Veneers are essentially ceramic clones of your regular teeth that fit over the top. This gives the individual a perfectly aligned and often a whiter smile. This is for the child that may be self-conscious of their smile due to misalignment or staining. Veneers can be taken off and put on at the whim of the individual. So, when eating, brushing, or sleeping, the child can take off their veneers. This makes them more comfortable and usable for everyday use.


It may just be that your child’s teeth are stained and everything else is pretty sound. If that is the case with your child, then teeth whitening is the perfect solution for your child. You’ll be given a color palette to choose which shade of white you would like for your child. Then we’ll start off by cleaning all the plaque and tartar from the teeth. If there is any debris, we’ll find and remove it using floss, brushes, and our special tools. Then the whitening agent will be applied and left on for however long is necessary to achieve the color you desire. Teeth whitening can actually last from a few months to a year or so, depending on the individual’s lifestyle.

Boost self-confidence

Boosting one’s self-confidence is a major reason why anyone would want to have cosmetic dentistry. If you’re wondering if children receive cosmetic dentistry services, you should have no doubt. It can boost their self-confidence and with great results such as an increased social life, better mental health, and being more outgoing.

Final Thoughts

We hope you were better able to learn about whether children receive cosmetic dentistry services. If you would like to know more about specific cosmetic dentistry services your child could receive from Smile Time Dental, contact us today. You can also call us at 281-245-0711 for dental emergencies and to schedule an appointment.

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