After tooth extraction, the dentist prescribes pain killers and antibiotics for the quick recovery of the gums. Headache after a tooth extraction is common, but it goes after a few days once the area heals up. The extremity may vary though it is not unbearable. Having headaches is not necessary, but in a few cases, people suffer after extraction.

Tension in facial muscles

There is a connection between human facial muscles. Our neck, face, mouth, and head have the same muscles. Therefore, the tension in one part affects the other one. It is one reason that if the person undertakes a treatment in any part of the face, including nose, head, or lips, the tension is in the whole area. During a tooth extraction, the jaw and mouth muscles tighten up, affecting the face.

Headache after tooth extraction

Tighten up muscles cause cramps affecting the head muscles leading to headaches. Hence headache after tooth extraction occurs due to the tension in facial muscles spreading from gums to head. Along with the problem, patients also get jaw pain. The intensity of headaches and jaw pain is higher in patients who have dental fear or are afraid of undergoing tooth extraction.

Do not fear the dentist

Generally, in the patients who fear tooth extraction, the tension rises. The muscles around the face and mouth become tenser, resulting in higher pain. Therefore, it is better to mentally prepare and trust the dentist before going for tooth extraction. Extraction is the last option any dentist would opt for, and due to the use of anesthesia, it becomes smooth and comfortable. Hence stay calm, relax, and then go for the procedure.

Besides having a headache after tooth extraction and other problems, the situation normalizes in a few days. Having a toothache or dental problems, talk to the dentist at Smile Time Dental. Schedule your appointment today, call at 281-245-0711 .

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