The most prevalent dental issue that may afflict people of any age is a dental cavity. Tooth cavities are holes in the tooth that occur due to the acids that bacteria (found in plaque) create, breaking down the tooth. These plaque deposits stick to teeth if they are not adequately cleaned, and they have the potential to solidify into calculus and tartar. So, can you get braces with cavities? Let’s dig deep into this.

Braces with Cavities: Is it Possible?

Having aligned and straightened teeth will not matter if your dental health is compromised in any way. Having cavities does not prevent you from wearing braces, but before beginning orthodontic therapy, tooth deterioration is necessary.

In order to get excellent orthodontic outcomes, it is crucial to have a healthy foundation because cavities might get worse throughout the treatment. Every orthodontist advises consulting with a general dentist prior to getting braces. You dentist and orthodontist will collaborate closely to make sure that any cavities are filled before braces are applied.

What are the Risks of Getting Braces with Cavities?

Here are the challenges you might face while getting braces with cavities:

  • Braces placed on teeth that already have cavities might make it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene, making it harder to clean teeth thoroughly and raising the possibility of more cavities.
  • Braces apply pressure on the teeth, which may intensify any dental discomfort already present and result in pain or sensitivity in the afflicted areas.
  • Cavities might require extra dental treatments, such as fillings or root canals, which can extend the time needed to prepare teeth for braces.
  • Cavities may interfere with the alignment of orthodontic brackets, necessitating a modification in the course of treatment to guarantee that the brackets are firmly placed on healthy tooth surfaces.

It is far better to have your cavities fully treated and to fill up any gaps before getting braces, as it will increase the effectiveness of braces while also strengthening any teeth that may have been compromised by cavities.

How Long After Cavity Filling, Can I Get Braces?

Your dentist will advise you to wait a specific amount of time after cavity fillings before getting braces and the precise period depends upon your dental health. This makes it possible for the dental treatment to stabilize and heal properly.


In order to avoid potential difficulties and maintain good oral health during orthodontic therapy, it is important to undergo a thorough dental checkup to detect and cure cavities before getting braces.

If you have more questions about getting braces with cavities, you can simply visit us at Smile Time Dental. Our expert dentists will guide you through every step of getting braces with cavities and what challenges you might face if you get it.

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