The first impression is essential. However, if you have crooked bottom teeth, it becomes embarrassing. Along with the appearance, other problems come with it. Like the confidence level shatters, and the individual starts avoiding socializing with others. There is a feeling of self-consciousness affecting self-esteem. Hence, it is better to get the treatment and set the teeth straight.

Reasons to have crooked bottom teeth

Crooked bottom teeth can be because of the difference in the size of the tooth and jaw. If the jaw which holds the tooth does not have enough room for the teeth, it will cause misalignment. Hence the force will push the tooth to change its direction. It will tip and shift with time. Besides it, actions like bad oral habits of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, gum diseases, or injury can result in crooked teeth.


Crooked teeth can cause severe problems if not treated. To maintain oral hygiene is tough as brushing and flossing become difficult. Alongside, biting is also an issue, and wrong moves result in toothache and TMJ pain. Headache is common in such people. The problem results in gum diseases. Overlapping of teeth increases inflammation in the tissues and exerts a force on the gum tissues. Bacteria can quickly grow. Hence chances of plaque and decay rise.

Even sensitivity occurs. Due to the constant wear and tear, enamel erodes gradually. Eating and drinking hot and cold items becomes painful. Besides, the teeth affect an individual’s life. It changes his smile and lowers self-esteem. There is difficulty while talking and eating. Thus, it is better to look for various solutions to rectify the misalignment.


If it is baby teeth, there is no need for action. With time it will fall, and a new set will replace it. Just take care of hygiene. In adults, crooked bottom teeth need treatment. The team of Smile Time Dental is glad to help you. Call us at (281)245-0711 and schedule your appointment.

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