Many of us have cavities. We eat and drink all day; therefore, our teeth are constantly battling with each other. Even a cavity under the crown or below the jawline can happen. However, cleaning it is essential; otherwise, it can lead to tooth loss. Crowns restore the broken or damaged teeth, but even with crown dental hygiene is critical.

Treatment for cavities

If the dentist finds out the hole under a crown, he will suggest the following procedures;

  • In the early detection of a cavity, the dentist places a simple filling in the lower side of the crown to seal it. Therefore it will not travel to the tooth. But the seal is not very strong and can break up any time.
  • In case if the cavity has gone till the nerve center of the tooth, the root canal is done. It is possible that during the root canal treatment, the crown breaks and needs replacement.
  • Crown lengthening is another way to get rid of the cavity under the top. It is a surgical procedure and may damage the crown. After the surgery, the dentist fixes a new one.
  • In most cases, if the crown has a cavity, a new one is needed. The dentist removes the old head and seals the area with a new one.

Dental crowns have a long life but only with proper care. A routine dental checkup is essential along with proper brushing and flossing of teeth. A cavity can cause severe pain, and spreading results in tooth loss. The team of dentists at Smile Time Dental is experts in tackling all oral health issues. If you feel you have a cavity under the crown or your toothache is becoming unbearable, contact us. Call us on 281-245-0711 and schedule your appointment today.

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