Nothing can beat the excitement of pregnancy. It is the time when a woman becomes extra cautious of her own and her little bundle of joy’s health. However, along with her overall health, a woman should also take care of her dental health. Regular dental visits keep the expectant mother safe from any painful experience. However, dental checkups may require some dental x-rays, which may become a cause of concern for the pregnant mother.

Most of the pregnant women often have this question in the minds of whether dental x-rays during pregnancy are safe. The answer to this frequently asked question is, yes. Dental procedures and dental x-rays are safe for pregnant mothers and their babies.

Safety of dental x-rays during pregnancy

As the hormones change during pregnancy, a pregnant woman is already at a high risk of developing oral diseases. Since a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy child; therefore, a routine checkup and x-rays would save the mother from oral concerns.

However, worrying about your child’s health during pregnancy is natural and not surprising at all. It would be shocking if a mother is not worried about her unborn child. But the last thing that a woman should worry about during her dental procedure is a dental x-ray.

The dental x-rays and the radiation produced by them are not harmful enough to harm the unborn baby. But if the expectant mother is worried, she can discuss it with her dentist. Nevertheless, dental treatment benefits are far more than the radiation effects. Furthermore, an extra layer of protection used during the x-rays reduces the effects of radiation.

If a mother wishes to postpone the dental X-rays until the 2nd trimester, it is absolutely fine if the tooth is not causing any problem. However, it is still best to confirm from the dentists at Smile Time Dental and the gynecologist to be sure that the dental x-rays during pregnancy do not cause any risk to the health of the unborn child.

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