Not too common, but it is often heard that someone just swallowed their braces bracket and is worried if something will go wrong. There has been an instance where doctors have removed a piece of orthodontic wire from a patient’s intestine ten years after she had unknowingly swallowed it. And this can make you a little worried.

Although it’s rare, this may happen. But it is always good to know what you should do if you accidentally swallow a piece of your braces.

How Do You End Up Swallowing Your Braces?

There are many ways in which you may break lose your braces brackets. If you adjust the bracket on your own, it might just fall onto your tongue, and you will pass into your stomach before you could realize it. If you have a dental trauma because of wearing braces, you may end up swallowing your braces. In this case, immediately report to your dentist.

Some patients do swallow their braces bracket right on the dental chair. But if this happens to you, you know the dentist is right next to you to help you in every way possible.

You may have heard that patients not only swallowing braces bracket but also have swallowed temporary crowns, metal fillings, and other dental related objects. Whatever the case is, the rule to seek medical is the same.

Now That You Have Swallowed Your Braces, Don’t Panic!

You do not need to panic now that you have swallowed a piece of your braces bracket or a wire. It may seem like a dire situation, but it is not severe in most cases.

With the running flow of blood, there is a ninety percent chance that the metal will pass through your body on its own. Our GI tract has enough amounts of acids that it can dissolve the metal within minutes. And whatever is left will be excreted in one or two days. You can also eat high fiber diets like corn and bread to help you in this process.

Our stomach uses hydrochloric acid and pepsin to break down food. If the swallowed braces bracket is not sharp, it will become part of the process.

Whom To Ask For Help?

If you have trouble breathing after you have swallowed a bracket, wire, or rubber band, chances are it may get caught in your lung. Hence you should seek immediate medical attention.

Based on your X-ray, the doctor will take appropriate steps to remove the object from your body; and inform your dentist about it. You will then need to visit your dentist for a replacement.

If you are looking to have undergone a braces treatment; and are worrying about what will happen if you too swallow a braces bracket, you can speak with our dentist at Smile Time Dental and feel relieved. Call us now at 281-245-0711.

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