We often hear people complaining of their discolored, crooked or chipped teeth. But have you ever thought that these are not the only dental concerns to worry about? Many people have shiny and straight incisors and yet their smile may look odd. Having short teeth is one such reason.

Small teeth may look adorable when they are of children but when an adult has smaller than usual teeth they would look not so impressive. There are a number of reasons for this but the good news is that with modern treatments the appearance of a person can now be improved easily.


Among other reasons for having short teeth, genetic factors can be a dominating one. Those who have a large jaw genetically their incisors may appear to be smaller for the face. In such a case all the incisors get affected and grow smaller. The other case can be where only a single tooth is affected. This occurs when a person has lesser than usual teeth.

Effects and treatment

As the teeth are small, these may create gaps between teeth to spread over the gum line. These gaps look odd and make a person’s face look different from others.

Since the incisors are small in size, therefore, braces are most unlikely to solve the problem. A porcelain veneer can be a favorable treatment in such a case if a person has good oral health. But sometimes the problem is just long gums. In such a case reshaping gums can also solve the issue. At times gum covers the incisors more than what is necessary. Pushing the gums back can make the teeth visible and of normal size.

It is best to visit dental experts at Smile Time Dental to identify the cause and to get the treatment that suits best for you because a good smile talks a lot about you. For more information call us on 281-245-0711 and know the suitable treatment today.

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