The grooves on teeth are popularly known as Mamelons. When you spot ridges or bumps on the teeth of your child, the first thought could be why every odd thing has to happen to your child. Although they may seem to be only some harmless bumps, they may put your whole existence in a constant state of despair. However, it is common, and even you might have had them. It is normal for kids to have bumpy teeth, specifically when it is a permanent tooth developing.

Wearing out of the Ridges

With time the ridges wear out, and the teeth start looking smooth. They do not intend to last for long because they start wearing as soon as the child starts eating hard foods. Chewing the food can also help to soften the roughness of the ridges. However, if the adult teeth do not become smooth, they may stay there for a longer period.

The Treatment

It’s better to go see a dentist for all the treatments of your teeth. If you instead choose to take the matter in your hands, you can make it worse. The treatment for it may not be painful because the dentist very carefully smoothens the bumps on teeth.

The Procedure

The procedure of aligning mamelon teeth is quick and simple. A dentist without a local anesthetic can remove the bumps easily. Due to sensitivity in lower incisors, removal of all the mamelons may not be possible in one go for some patients. Instead, several visits would be required.

Something as less as a bump on a tooth should not make you feel self-conscious. If anything, prepare yourself that no bump on your teeth can allow you to feel any less. However, if you still wish to get these removed, contact Smile Time Dental or call us on 281-245-0711 to know the details.

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