Being without a tooth can be uncomfortable, and if the lost tooth is the front one, it adds to the discomfort and embarrassment. Furthermore, pulling out a tooth may hurt, and it would be leading you astray. However, there are times when extracting a front tooth becomes inevitable. The reasons may include a diseased tooth, tooth decay, and overcrowded teeth. Let’s consider some of the facts you should be aware of before you go for a front tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction- Does it pain?

A good dentist can make the whole process of front tooth extraction seem painless and straightforward because of his/her years of practice. However, there are a few instances in which a person may feel some pain.

For example, when the needle goes in the gums to numb up the teeth, it may be painful. A person may also feel the pain when through some pressure the dentist gives some space to a tooth to move freely and loosen up. After these two steps, it is mostly dependent upon the dentist. Perhaps, it is through his skills that he’d provide the utmost comfort during the whole procedure.

Front tooth extraction aftercare and healing time

Tooth extraction may take about 7-10 days to heal. During this period, the person must take good care of the teeth to avoid any harm to the surrounding teeth. A person may experience swelling, bruises, and bleeding. Therefore, it is necessary to be conscious of what the person is eating so that gums get ample time to recover fully. A person may also need to take antibiotics if an infection is developed.

Getting a front tooth extracted can be daunting. Due to a gap between teeth after tooth extraction, other teeth might start shifting their places to cover the gap. There might also be changes in bites. Hence, one may choose to go through a few extra procedures to have a beautiful Hollywood smile.

There are multiple options a person may choose from after the removal of his/her front tooth. Smile Time Dental can help you retain your stunning smile by placing implants, crowns, and veneers to save you from any comfortable situation a front tooth extraction may cause. If you wish to opt for any of the options, you can call us on 281-245-0711.

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