Dental crowns are an excellent solution to restore your teeth, especially when they’ve been decayed or damaged. Plus, given how compact they are, they make for an amazing self-confidence boost. You no longer have to deal with crooked, cavity-infested teeth.

But just because you get dental crowns doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of them. Neglecting basic oral hygiene can cause your crown to plop out, no matter how strongly it was applied.

In addition, if your crown fell out and there’s no tooth left underneath, it’s a clear sign of poor dental health. In such a case, only your dentist can help out. So rather than brushing it away, contact a dental professional immediately.

What To Do If Your Crown Fell Out And There’s No Tooth Left

There’s no set reason behind your crown falling out. Maybe it’s because of something you ate, or perhaps it’s your tooth completely dissipating that causes the fall. Either way, if you find yourself staring at the unattached piece of crown, remember to stay calm. Rather than going into a panicked frenzy, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Take deep, calming breaths and try to relax.
  2. Find the fallen crown and inspect it closely.
  3. Check to see if there’s a piece of your tooth stuck to the crown or not.
  4. Whether you find anything or not, it doesn’t matter. But make sure you ring your dentist immediately.
  5. Rinse off the crown and gently wash it with some soap and water.
  6. After cleaning it, seal it in a bag to avoid cross-contamination.
  7. If your dentist appointment takes time, make sure to protect your teeth.
  8. Don’t eat anything that can harm your dental health. Stick to soft, mushy, and cold foods.
  9. Visit your dentist as soon as you can to get the affected area checked out.

How Much Of A Tooth Do You Need For A Crown?

For a dental crown to adhere properly, dentists typically leave as much of the tooth as possible. This allows for a firmer fit and gives off a more natural look.

However, if there isn’t enough tooth, to begin with, applying a crown can become significantly difficult. Thus, to counteract that, your dentist might recommend other dental restorative or cosmetic surgeries.

Can You Still Get A Crown If There’s No Tooth Left?

No. There needs to be a substantial amount of healthy teeth for the crown to adhere. If your tooth is past the point of saving, that is to say, it’s extremely damaged and decayed; you will not be able to get a crown.

Instead, a dental implant or bridge would be far better. Not only do they both look realistic, but they’re able to give you back the functionality of your tooth without it feeling like you’re missing it.

Dealing With An Ill-fitted Crown?

If your crown fell out and there’s no tooth left, or if your crown is a bit too wobbly, you’ll need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Avoid eating or drinking anything that could trigger the affected site.

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