If you just have had wisdom teeth removal and are worried about your sleep, you are among the many others. This is a fact that the discomfort after the extraction is real, and it can make things messy. But the good thing with the right method, you can peacefully sleep after wisdom teeth removal.
This article will explain how you can enjoy a good night’s sleep when healing from wisdom tooth extraction.

Take Your Pain Medication

Before the extraction, your dentist will give you anesthesia to numb the site. When the anesthesia starts fading away, you may experience pain and discomfort, making it difficult for you to sleep. Don’t push yourself too hard. It’s best to take an OTC pain reliever or the one suggested by your dentist. This will help you fall asleep.

Sleep With The Right Position

During the first few days of recovering, the tooth removal site may bleed a little. For this, it’s best to sleep on your side. Laying flat on your back can give you inflammation and more discomfort. This in return elongates the recovery, increases the pain, and makes it really difficult to rest.

Keep Your Head Up

After the wisdom teeth removal, the best way is to sleep with your head elevated. You should do that, at least for the first few nights. Take an extra pillow and place it under your head. But if it’s hard to fall asleep this way, try to elevate your whole upper body. Do this by placing a few pillows behind your back.

Follow The Aftercare Instructions

To enjoy a comfortable sleep, you should carefully follow the aftercare instructions given by your surgeon. Make things good for yourself by taking your care while healing from tooth extraction.

To gain an undisturbed sleep, follow these instructions:

  • Apply hot and cold packs outside the surgery site till you’re ready to sleep
  • Rest as much as possible and lower your physical activities
  • Drink plenty of water but AVOID straw at any cost
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco in any form
  • Stay away from smoking or drinking alcohol
  • It’s best to avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol
  • For the first few days, only go with soft and easy to chew foods

There may be other instructions from your dentist. Follow them to the max, and you shouldn’t find it hard to sleep after your wisdom teeth removal.

If you’re worried about recovering from your tooth removal procedure and live in Westview Houston or nearby areas, schedule an appointment with the dentists at Smile Time Dental.

We have been serving patients for several years and know what it takes for a successful surgery and healthy recovery. Any questions or concerns you may have, we’ll be happy to answer them. Contact our office today and discuss your healing and sleeping options after wisdom teeth removal. Call us at 281-245-0711.

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