Have you ever seen a nightmare where your teeth loosen and start to fall apart? What will you do when you wake up? Will you rush to the mirror to see the reality and begin to take care of your oral hygiene, even if it is for a few days? Besides, how will you react if one of your teeth becomes loose? Is losing a permanent tooth something that scares you? Most of us will wonder, can a loose tooth be saved? There are chances that the dentist can fix it.

Children don’t fear losing teeth as they know others are on the way; however, it creates anxiety and panic in adults. Teeth are essential for looks and a confident smile. There are many reasons to have a loose tooth; the dentist will give the best advice on saving it. Mostly, the treatment depends on the causes and the way the tooth has loosened.

Can a loose tooth be saved after an accident or trauma?

Undergoing an accident or a trauma affects the teeth and jaws. Therefore, immediately visit the dentist. Upon inspection, the dentist will suggest the depth of oral damage and the treatments needed. If it is a severe condition, there might be a need for an oral surgeon’s help. If the damage is minor, some dental treatment will fix the loose teeth back to ligaments and tissues.

The dentist makes sure that the root, nerves, and blood vessels stay intact. Then, they will position the loose tooth back into the socket and anchor it with adjacent teeth for a few days. With time, the loose tooth will take a firm place back again.

Can a loose tooth be saved after bruxism?

Another reason for loose teeth is bruxism or forceful biting action. Putting excessive pressure damages the connecting tissues. A dentist might suggest night guards, braces, or aligners until the habit resolves. So, can a loose tooth be saved! It is possible, and there are many times when dental treatment can give positive answers! For further assistance, contact Smile Time Dental. Call us today at 281-245-0711 to schedule your appointment.

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