People who wear dentures might sometimes face an embarrassing situation where their dentures click while speaking or laughing, slip out of their mouth, make biting and chewing difficult, cause pain and discomfort, and at times dentures don’t fit as they are too big for the mouth. If you are among those people then you are not alone. These are problems that occur to most of the people who wear dentures. But there are ways to make your dentures fit better.

Ways to fit your dentures better

Modern dentistry has made a lot of progress. Now there are several ways through which a dentist can make it possible to fit the dentures properly in the mouth. Let’s have a look at some of those today.

Jawbone examination and treatment of irregularities

Gum ridge provides support to the dentures. And gum ridge relies on the jaw bone. Any change in the size and shape of the jaw bone brings a change in the ridge. As a result, a change in the ridge can affect the support that dentures need to function properly.

Furthermore, the change in the height and weight of the jawbone and occurrence of the uneven surface of the jaw can affect the fitting of the denture. However, an experienced dentist can solve this problem by checking the condition of the jawbone before applying the denture and treating them accordingly.

Adding stability to dentures

It is good to check the stability of the existing teeth before fitting dentures. If there is a need to install dental implants, then the dentist must do so before deciding to fit dentures. This is possible with both upper and lower dentures.

Use a reliable restoration option

Earlier the only solution to complete tooth loss was to have dentures. However, with time better options have solved many problems. For a long term effect, it is better for a dentist to fit implant-supported dentures that function like natural teeth. Implant-supported dentures are even more advantageous than traditional dentures. These will not become loose over time as implants protect bone loss.

Smile Time Dental is always careful at taking all the necessary steps that can make your dentures fit better. If you are having problems with your current dentures and are looking for reliable dentistry in Houston, then call us on 281-245-0711, and our experts will take care of your concerns.

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