Maintaining good oral health is essential to reduce plaque and combat oral hygiene issues. An effective method for improving oral health and achieving a better smile is dental teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning removes plaque and other deposits that are difficult to remove with a regular brush. For those interested in teeth cleanings, what they involve, and how long teeth cleanings take, here’s more.

The different types of teeth cleanings

Teeth cleaning is recommended once or twice per year. Typically, your dentist will recommend you to have one, especially if they see a buildup of plaque or debris. Although you might maintain regular teeth brushing cycle, you cannot always remove plaque effectively with a store-bought brush and floss.

There are different types of teeth cleanings:

Standard cleaning

A standard cleaning is the most common method of dental cleaning. This involves an oral health assessment of your teeth before using a scaler, floss, and electric brush to remove the accumulation of plaque and bacteria.

This process will clean your gums as well as polish your teeth. Additionally, it will leave you with a shiny and clean smile.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleanings are most common if you experience inflammation, which could indicate gum disease.

You or your dentist will witness the onset of gum disease when the gums start to come away from the teeth. These gaps allow bacteria to enter the gums, which can cause inflammation and redness.

If gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to further oral issues such as tooth loss or an abscessed tooth.

The process is the same as a standard cleaning, but an additional step is used called root planing. This involves smoothing out the teeth to help them adhere back to the gums, which will prevent bacteria buildup.

How long does a teeth cleaning take?

A standard cleaning will take less time than a deep cleaning due to the extra steps in a deep clean. This should take around 30 minutes.

Additionally, deep cleanings take longer due to the root planing process. The entire teeth cleaning treatment will likely take around 45 minutes to one hour.

The entire appointment may take longer as the dentist will need to do an oral health assessment.

After the appointment, you should avoid eating or drinking for around an hour.

In what instances will a teeth cleaning take longer?

A teeth cleaning can take longer if you have braces or an oral health issue that requires more assistance.

Before going ahead with the teeth cleaning procedure, your dentist will check your oral health and assess anything that may need attention before cleaning.

Do teeth cleanings hurt?

Teeth cleanings usually do not hurt or cause pain. However, if you have a fear of the drilling and noises involved, you may feel uncomfortable throughout the treatment. Your dentist will do everything they can to make sure you feel relaxed.

Before your treatment, let your dentist know if you are nervous or fear dental tools so that they are aware and can make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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