It may seem to be unusual, but your teeth are living. Teeth are made of hard and soft tissues and get a continuous blood supply, which keeps them alive. However, if the nerves present in the pulp are not able to get blood, the tooth will die. The dentist will extract the dead tooth. How long does it take for a tooth to die, and what can be the possible reasons for it? The answer varies depending on the oral health of individuals, and the dentist is the best guide.

After the tooth dies, its removal is necessary; otherwise, it will affect the nearby teeth. It may not fall out on its own; so, the dentist has to deal with it. If someone feels the tooth is dead, visit the dentist for a checkup. After adequately examining, they will make a choice. Dental checkup becomes necessary if you have a toothache and experience the tooth color changing and becoming pale or dark.

Removal of dead teeth is compulsory 

Typically natural, healthy teeth have shades of white or slightly yellowish color depending on the care taken, but the dark and discolor teeth show numbness. It might turn light gray, brown, or even black. A prominent change will show that something is wrong with the tooth. Besides, the person will have a foul breath, and nobody will like to talk to the person. Along with looking ugly, it will affect the jawline also, if not extracted.

Proper brushing, flossing, and oral hygiene are necessary to avoid dead teeth. Thus, how long does it take for a tooth to die, one cannot wait but get the treatment done. The team at Smile Time Dental is always ready to solve your oral health problems. Call us on  281-245-0711 to discuss your dental treatment.

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