Having perfect teeth can be a blessing for many. However, with time perfect teeth can also have some problems and may begin to form cavities. But cavities do not develop all of a sudden. It takes more than a few months or a year to develop them. The main reason is the negligence of oral hygiene, which leads to tooth decay.

How cavities form?

Tooth decay may take time, but for it to happen, plaque and dietary sugars need to be present at the same time. It is easy to prevent tooth decay by regular brushing and flossing. Brushing removes the sugar preventing plaque from forming in the mouth, ultimately stopping cavities from developing. However, if the person stops brushing, he/she allows plaque to develop in the mouth, which then does not brush away.

Prevention of cavity

It is possible to prevent the cavity with a few simple steps. The healthy habit of brushing after every meal, especially in the morning and before going to bed can act as a protection wall. If it becomes impossible to brush after every meal, rinsing one’s mouth with mouth wash or plain water can also be helpful. Regular teeth cleaning can also help in keeping the teeth healthy. This helps to clean plaque, which brushing alone cannot remove.

However, if you continuously ignore your oral health, cavities may form in your teeth, which may cause severe pain. When you start experiencing pain in your tooth, it is a sign that your tooth has decayed, and cavities have developed in your tooth.

Immediately after the identification of symptoms of tooth decay, contact a specialist like Smile Time Dental to get the desired treatment. Early treatment can save your tooth from falling off. You can also call us on 281-245-0711 for more details on cavities and their formation.

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