Getting acne anywhere on the body is not a pleasant experience more so if it grows on sensitive areas of the body. Pimples can grow on any surface of your body including your lip. Having a lip pimple is a common occurrence and is not a cause of concern; the bump on your lip is a clogged pore and sebaceous gland flare up.

One thing you should know for sure is that pimple on the lip is not same as cold sores growing on the corners. The prime difference lies in the cause; cold sores are due to virus that results in painful bumps.

What are Lip Pimples, Have You Gotten One Before?

The basics are same, the ones that emerge are no different than any other. They usually protrude for the same causes as well. Why do they grow in that area? Well, there is a high level of pimples commonly growing around the lip line because of massive size of oil glands around them.

Cold Sore Vs Lip Pimple

A cold sore has some sort of alarming technique before it actually becomes visually prominent. This tingling sensation is the prime marker of a core sore arrival which does not happen with regular acne.

Home Remedies – Treat The Pimple On Lip Line At Home

The position of your acne near or on the lip does not matter, a pimple on the corner of your mouth or upper lip or the lip line, these remedies are perfect for treating this issue.

Apple cider vinegar – ACV:

Apple cider vinegar or ACV for shirt shows antibacterial activity that greatly helps in treating the trouble and eradicating root cause of this issue.

Aloe VeraGel:

A holy grail useful for soothing the inflamed skin. Locks moisture as well i.e. best for treating a lip pimple.

Icy Cool:

Ice has shown positive results on inflammatory pimples to get rid of swelling. You can use it by wrapping the cube with a clean and tidy cloth then apply it on the skin. But try not to rub it or directly place ice on the lip pimple.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil contains content an ingredient that gets rid of pimples easily. Its mechanism includes reducing inflammation and reducing the swelling.


A breakout on your lip or on the edges or the line of it not that complicated or rare and is a common occurrence. Make us of these home remedies mentioned above, they are easily available and usable at home.

Your lip pimple will vanish away soon. In case you are still confused and want professional opinion on it come to dentists from Smile Time Dental for a quick exam of the situation. Visit or call at 281 245 0711 for an appointment.

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