Losing teeth is not something anyone would want to go through, but fortunately, you can regain
your confident smile with dentures! They are affordable and effective to get what you want. Let’s
discuss the options we have to choose from.

1. Full Dentures

Full dentures, or so known as complete dentures, are detachable devices that can easily
replace spaces in both your upper and lower sets of teeth. Typically, they are made of porcelain
or acrylic held together by a metal base. In case you have lost all your teeth, full dentures can
help restore your appearance.

These dentures are placed on your gum tissue, and it attaches via suction action that keeps
them in place. Other than that, you can also use denture adhesives to provide extra stability and
prevent discomfort. With proper care, full dentures can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

2. Partial Dentures to Fill the Gaps

If only a few pieces are missing from either side, upper or lower jaw, partial dentures are the
ideal solution. They snap-fit into the gaps left by your missing teeth. You can unclip them and
remove them when needed, making them convenient and easy to manage.

3. Temporary Dentures

While waiting for your permanent ones, temporary dentures or so-called immediate dentures are
a safe solution. These are fitted right after your teeth are removed, allowing you to maintain your
daily activities while waiting for the permanent ones.

4. Flexible Dentures

If you are looking for a comfortable and natural look, flexible dentures are your way to go. These
partial dentures are made using a thin thermoplastic material such as nylon, providing a
comfortable fit for those new to wearing replacement teeth. Unlike traditional partial dentures,
flexible dentures do not use any metal parts, resulting in a more natural appearance.

5. Fixed Bridge

If you are in search of a stable and fixed solution, a dental bridge replaces missing teeth by
cementing an artificial tooth (crown) to the remaining natural teeth on each side. The fixed
bridge offers excellent stability; however, it comes at a higher cost compared to removable

6. Cantilever Bridge

If you want to replace one molar, and there are no teeth on one side to support a standard
version, a cantilever bridge is recommended. It relies on one or more teeth on the opposite side
to provide the necessary support.

7. Implant-Supported Fixed Dentures

These dentures secure a crown to surgically inserted implants in your jawbone, eliminating
concerns about slipping or movement.

8. Snap-On Dentures

Finally, we have snap-on dentures that are removable and very practical. These removable
crowns snap onto surgically inserted implants in your jawbone, providing a secure fit that allows
you to enjoy your favorite foods without worries.

Closing Note

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