A dental bridge is designed to take the place of missing teeth. If you have been told you should consider having a bridge implanted in your mouth, here is some information on how the bridge is made, and how it will be placed.

How Bridges are Made

A dental bridge is made in different ways. But in general, it consists of teeth that are designed to not only function like your natural teeth but to look at them as well. The goal is to make sure your bridge looks completely natural and mimics your natural teeth as closely as possible. It will also help you be able to speak and chew just like you did before you lost your teeth.

Implanting the Bridge

The bridge has to attach to something in order for it to work properly. In most cases, that means attaching it to the adjacent teeth. If the bridge is meant to only replace one or two missing teeth, it will connect to the nearby healthy teeth. If you have several teeth that are gone, you may need a few “anchors” implanted in order for the bridge to work.

There is a high likelihood that some of your healthy teeth will need to be modified so the bridge will fit. This often means filing them down and then placing a crown over the natural teeth. The crown will be used to keep the bridge securely in place.

The experts with Smile Time Dental have a great deal of experience fitting patients with a wide variety of bridges. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, simply send a text to 281-245-0711.

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