No dentist wants to pull out a tooth in unnecessary situations voluntarily. However, an emergency tooth extraction becomes inevitable in an unwanted turn of events. But how can you decipher when it is needed? We are with your answer.

Commonly, in such a situation, the taste of your mouth changes; it may turn metallic, bitter, or sometimes salty. The reason behind it is bleeding of gums inside the mouth. Other than that, here are the top 7 signs that show you need emergency tooth pulling.

7 Reasons Why You Need An Emergency Tooth Extraction

You do not need to worry about the pain and discomfort. Dentists care more about your overall well-being, which is why they use anesthetics so that you do not suffer.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth grow in the latter part of life, which is why they get the least space to grow in; therefore, more often than not, their protrusion is improper. You may feel pressure in your jaw, a fever spike, and general pain that may or may not go unbearable. Situations can turn grave at any moment, and you need to get a tooth extraction in an emergency.

Dental Abscess

Infection in the gum tissues results in pus formation at the end of the tooth root or bone. The fluid formation is known as a dental abscess. It causes extreme pain in some patients. So, if you find pus oozing out from the mouth, go to a dentist immediately; it will not resolve on its own.

Teeth crowding

It is more common than you think. Yes, your oral cavity might be overcrowded in some cases. One such instance is the small size of the jaw bone to accommodate the teeth. The dentist will perform an emergency tooth extraction to rule out oral health risks.

Toothache after Delaying Dental Issue

If you ignore the call of dental restoration, tooth pain and other issues are bound to happen. If this is the case, then the time to save teeth has gone.

Metallic Taste In Mouth and damaged restorations

Bruxism or teeth grinding can cause the old fillings to come out and can even make bridges and crowns fall out. This can cause cracks and damage to your natural teeth. In this situation, you start experiencing pain and a metal-like taste in the mouth due to fillings. If you do not immediately cater to the situation, it may lead to emergency dental extraction.

Extremely loose tooth

A loose tooth is not just a consequence of an impact, but it may be due to infection too. So, not responding to loose teeth is a big mistake you would not want. The best way to prevent this from happening is to schedule regular checkups with the dentist. This helps in detecting disease in its early stages.

Swelling on a specific side of the face

Swelling on any one of the face sides indicates an underlying dental problem that needs immediate action. Some of the reasons why your face can become like this are tooth abscesses, pericoronitis, cellulitis, or mumps.

Final Words

You should not ignore the signs even when there is no pain. It is best to stay up-to-date with your dental checkups so that any emergency tooth extraction situation can be avoided. If you live in Houston, Texas, or close, hit Smile Time Dental professionals.

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