Salt water gargle are those three words that revolve around all the time for your dental needs. It is no less than a holy grail for sore throats, infections, or other mouth problems. What does gargling with salt water do? Well, A good rinse with warm salt water solution can help eliminate pain and inflammation along with bacterial manifestation.

Let’s dig in a little deeper and understand its strength and how to use it.

Advantages of Using Salt Water Gargle

You must have heard about using this concoction from your gran or nan. They did not have much scientific backup, but now, with enough evidence, we can state for a fact that salt water gargle can work as an adjunct therapy for troubles such as tonsillitis, sore throat, etc.

For Inflammation

It is a great remedy for reducing inflammation and swelling in the throat and clearing passageways in disease conditions like sinus infection, congestion, etc. It is beneficial because warm salt water gargles help in thinning mucus and reduce the trigger load for the inflammation.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Aids in preventing upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), just like it relieves sore throat symptoms, salt water gargle with a 1:2 ratio suffering from a viral upper respiratory infection is the best.


Salt water rinse essentially reduces the bacterial amount in the mouth lowering the risk of tooth decay, inflammation of gums, diseases like periodontitis, gingivitis, etc.

Flushing out food debris just like a mouthwash is one of this solution’s specialties. It breaks loose food particles stuck on the teeth after eating and minimizes the chances of dental plaque.

Salt Water Rinse Preparation

There is no fixed recipe to make a salt water gargle rinse. However, here is a standard amount required to make it. Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of salt in every 8 ounces of water.

Warm water is considered the best because lukewarm water is found to provide enhanced relief to a sore throat as compared to room or cold temperature. However, if warm water does not work for you, it will still show the desired effect. Another advantage of heightened temperature is an easy and better dissolution of salt in water.

How to gargle with salt water

  1. Chug a gulp of salt water, rinse and start gargling around the oral cavity; swish, swirl and spit.
  2. Move your head back a little and swish the solution about 10 to 15 seconds.
  3. After rolling, spit it out.
  4. Repeat until the entire glass finishes
  5. Next, clean your mouth with fresh or tap water after your gargle session
  6. Repeat the cycle at least two to three times each day until the issue subsides


The salt water solution is a magical gargle for eliminating bacterial load and inflammation; however, this cannot be used as a primary treatment method, and dentists’ help is a must if the case becomes severe. Talk to dentists at Smile Time Dental for help call at 281 245 0711 for more.

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