Almost half of Americans have dental-related anxiety or fear, and up to 10% of these patients avoid dental care because of it. Dr. Rosita Hamidi and the experienced team at Smile Time Dental ease dental anxiety with friendly care, sedation, and a warm, welcoming environment. Call today to learn more, or book your appointment online.
Dental Anxiety Q & A
What Is Dental Anxiety?
Dental anxiety is a fear or anxious feeling about going to the dentist. You may be scared about what the dentist will find, the possible pain during a procedure, or the cost of dental care. Kids often feel scared or anxious about going to the dentist as well.
How Does Smile Time Dental Ease Anxiety?

The experienced team of dental professionals at Smile Time Dental ease anxiety in children and adults using education, experience, a friendly demeanor, and sedation dentistry. This may include:

Open communication about dental anxiety

Laughing gas

Oral conscious sedation

Laughing gas is a sedative agent that’s inhaled through a mask, and helps you relax and feel more comfortable during dental procedures.

Oral conscious sedation is when you’re given medications that put you into a relaxed state before treatment begins. Although you’re entirely conscious, you won’t feel anxiety or discomfort. The best part is, there are no IV’s or needles required during oral conscious sedation.

Dr. Hamidi and her staff encourage patients to talk openly about dental anxiety. As a team, they come up with a plan to ease anxiety and make patients feel as comfortable as possible during visits. Dr. Hamidi is licensed to sedate children, and sees kids as early as three months of age.

How Can I Cope With Dental Anxiety?

Taking care of your teeth and gums is crucial to maintaining good overall health, and eliminating anxiety related to required complex dental procedures. Brush and floss regularly, and avoid skipping regular dental cleanings and exams. Talk with Dr. Hamidi, Dr. Dahiya, or Dr. Wong about ways to cope with dental anxiety — including dental sedation during procedures.

If you have generalized anxiety as well as dental anxiety, talk with your primary care physician about ways to help ease symptoms, such as:


Therapy sessions

Relaxation techniques

You might try meditation, breathing techniques, massage, or yoga as a natural way to stay relaxed when you begin feeling anxious about something.

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment with a team of dentists experienced at easing dental anxiety, call Smile Time Dental today or book an appointment online.

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