Most men and women find the experience of losing a tooth to be quite traumatic. Dr. Rosita Hamidi and her team at Smile Time Dental of Houston can restore confidence by building a custom bridge to fill in the open spot. This is a very natural-looking replica of your missing tooth that is permanently attached between your existing teeth to cover the gap. Having a bridge custom made for your mouth ensures that it fits and functions properly. To find out if a bridge is right for you, book an appointment online or call the office in the west side of Houston in Shadow Oaks now.
Dental Bridges Q & A
What Is A Dental Bridge?
A dental bridge, also called a pontic, is a prosthetic piece that is created to cover a missing tooth or teeth. It’s made from porcelain or zirconia, which are both materials that have a very realistic appearance.

A traditional bridge has dental crowns on each side that attach to the teeth bordering the gap to support the prosthetic and hold it in place.

Dr. Hamidi relies on state-of-the-art technology to craft a custom bridge tailored to the contours of your mouth and teeth for a perfect fit.

What Is The Benefit Of Using A Custom Dental Bridge?

Dr. Hamidi uses the latest digital imaging tools to get a clear picture of your mouth and its dimensions. That allows her to handcraft a custom dental bridge tailored to fit the exact space and measurements.As a result, your bridge will fit seamlessly and look completely natural. A correctly fitting bridge helps keep the rest of your teeth in place and maintains the shape of your face.

Does Sedation Dentistry Cause Any Side Effects?
Most children and adults tolerate sedation methods without any significant side effects, making it an appealing option to explore. To find out how dental sedation can work for you, book an appointment online or call the office today.
What Are The Different Types Of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges come in a variety of styles to fit different needs. This includes:

Traditional dental bridges: attached by bonding crowns on each side to the adjacent teeth

Cavalier dental bridges: attached only on one side with a crown

Implant-secured dental bridges: attached directly to a dental implant

The implant-secured bridge is often preferred when you have more than one missing teeth to cover. This option requires a longer time frame because you need to have the implant attached to your jawbone before the bridge can be secured.

With all of these dental bridges, you will still be able to bite, talk, and chew your food properly.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?
Dental bridges provide a valuable solution for missing or damaged teeth to maintain or restore your smile. However, in most cases, a dental bridge isn’t a permanent fix and will need to be replaced in the future.

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