A broken tooth makes chewing difficult. That’s why Dr. Rosita Hamidi at Smile Time Dental of Houston, located in the west side of Houston in Shadow Oaks, creates customized dental crowns that are bonded right over the top of the damaged tooth. This permanently restores the tooth’s appearance, as well as its functionality. To find out if a personalized dental crown is right for you, book an appointment online or call the office now.
Dental Crowns Q & A
What Is A Dental Crown?
A dental crown is a synthetic cap that’s created to look like the top of a natural tooth. The dental crown can be made from porcelain, metal, zirconia, or a combination of materials, and is bonded over a damaged tooth to recapture its original look and strength.

Dr. Hamidi and her team rely on the most sophisticated imaging equipment to provide specific measurements and handmake a dental crown that fits the patient’s mouth perfectly.

How Is The Dental Crown Attached?
Before a dental crown can be attached, the damaged tooth must be sculpted and prepared. Dr. Hamidi creates a customized crown following the original tooth as a mold, then uses a special process to bond it to the tooth.

In cases where the tooth is missing or is too damaged to use, the dental crown is attached to a dental implant instead, which serves as the replacement root. Patients can expect the dental crown process to take two office visits to complete.

Will A Dental Crown Match My Teeth?
When a dental crown is custom-made, it should fit perfectly in your mouth and look like part of the original tooth. Dr. Hamidi specializes in assessing and preparing your teeth and hand-making the dental crown to get the very best, and most natural, results.
How Long Does A Dental Crown Last?
Typically, a dental crown will last anywhere between 5-15 years. However, the durability of your dental crown can be affected by many factors, including how well you care for it, how much wear and tear it gets, and your oral hygiene practices.

To learn more about getting a customized dental crown, book an appointment online or call the office today.

When Is A Dental Crown Used?

A dental crown can be used to reinforce a tooth that has suffered damage. It can also be used to strengthen a tooth that is weak or to improve the appearance of a tooth that has extreme discoloring.

The expert team at Smile Time Dental of Houston will assess your situation and make specific recommendations based on your tooth and gum health.

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