Emergency dentistry is a practice of treating oral health problems that require immediate attention. Experienced dentists Dr. Rosita Hamidi, Dr. Ankur Hayia, and Dr. Mayra Wong at Houston-based Smile Time Dental are always available and eager to treat you when emergency dental situations arise.
Emergency Dentistry Q & A
What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Dentists who practice emergency dentistry treat patients who require immediate care to improve oral health, treat wounds, and save loose or knocked out teeth. Examples of dental emergencies that are treated at Smile Time Dental include:

Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections
Tooth fractures or other dental trauma
A damaged dental restoration (a crown or filling)
A lost filling
Severe toothaches
A chipped or broken tooth
A displaced tooth (a permanent tooth was knocked out)
A badly wounded lip or tongue

Any time you’ve damaged a tooth or have severe mouth pain, call Smile Time Dental to go over your symptoms. Dr. Hamidi, Dr. Dahiya, or Dr. Wong are available to take your emergency call or office text.

How Are Dental Emergencies Treated?
The treatment you’ll receive for a dental emergency depends on the type of trauma you have. If your tooth is knocked out, you should save the tooth, keep it moist, and call Smile Time Dental immediately. Sometimes your dentist can restore a missing tooth back into its socket.

For chipped or cracked teeth, Dr. Hamidi, Dr. Dahiya, or Dr. Wong use restorative dental procedures — such as fillings and dental crowns — to fix broken teeth.

If your tooth is severely infected, an emergency root canal may be necessary to save the tooth. Your dentist goes over emergency treatment options that best match your needs to prevent injured teeth from dying. Stitches might be required if you’ve severely cut your tongue, lips, or other parts of your mouth.

How Can I Avoid Dental Emergencies?

You can’t always avoid dental emergencies, but there are some things you can do to lower your risk of tooth damage or infection. For example, you can:

– Wear a mouthguard when participating in contact sports
– Avoid chewing hard foods (ice, hard candy, popcorn kernels, etc.)
– Avoid using your teeth to open packages.

Despite your best efforts, dental emergencies can still happen. That’s why having an eager team of dental experts available for same-day appointments comes in handy. Call Smile Time Dental or use the office text line the next time you’re in need of emergency dentistry.

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