Have you noticed that your teeth have dulled or discolored over time, making you feel self-conscious when you smile? Dr. Rosita Hamidi of Smile Time Dental of Houston offers a customized teeth whitening treatment you can use in the comfort of your own home to restore your bright white smile. The treatment easily and effectively lifts those unsightly stains left by food, drinks, and lifestyle choices. To restore your teeth to their former glory, book your appointment online now or call the office in the west side of Houston in Shadow Oaks.
Teeth Whitening Q & A
What Causes Teeth To Become Discolored Or Dull?
Food and drinks that have intense color pigments can leave their mark on the surface of your teeth. Other causes of tooth discoloration include tobacco use, certain medications, chemotherapy, and an injury to one or more teeth.

Also, your teeth can discolor as you age. This occurs as years of brushing wears down the white outer layer of your teeth gradually and exposes more of the inner area, which has a yellowish tone.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening treatments contain bleach that breaks down the stains and makes your teeth whiter and brighter.

Since not all stains are the same, Dr. Hamidi provides a thorough assessment of the condition of your teeth, studying the depth and cause of your stains. That enables her to develop a customized plan to whiten them most effectively.

Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Effective For Everyone?
How well your teeth respond to teeth whitening treatments depends on the nature of your stains, the color — stains and discoloration will usually be yellow, brown, or gray — and how deep they are.

Yellow stains usually respond best to bleaching treatments to restore teeth to a whiter shade. Brown and gray teeth can be much more difficult to treat.

Do Over-the-counter Whitening Methods Work As Well As Professional Whitening Treatments?
There are several over-the-counter whitening options to try, including stain-removing toothpastes and whitening strips or kits. These are usually not as strong or effective as professional whitening treatments.

Be sure to start with an expert consultation at Smile Time Dental of Houston whenever you’re considering a teeth whitening method. They can set realistic expectations about your situation and outcomes.

What Method Do Dentists Use For Professional Teeth Whitening?
In-office bleaching is one teeth whitening method offered by dental experts. But, many patients prefer the comfort and convenience of professional whitening results using a custom solution they can apply at home.

To create an at-home teeth whitening option tailored for your specific needs, Dr. Hamidi conducts a thorough assessment of the teeth and uses her findings to create a whitening solution that is easy to use and effective.

To find out if a custom whitening kit will brighten your smile, book an appointment online or call the office today.

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