A sore throat after dental cleaning could be a result of drinking less water. It may also be because of keeping your mouth open for an extended period. To cater to this situation or sore throat and numbness, one should drink a lot of water. However, refrain from drinking carbonated and sugary drinks. Till the dental treatment is still in progress, one should also drink healthy drinks without any added sugars like coconut water.

What may cause a sore throat

In addition to dehydration, the anesthesia a dentist gives to the patient before the treatment may cause sore throat. Furthermore, a sore throat can also be a side effect of tooth extraction. It can lead to an infection, as well. The effect could also be because of the fluoride treatment.

How to Treat a Sore Throat

The first thing to do when someone feels the pain of sore throat after a dental cleaning is to gargle with lukewarm water and salt. Even drinking hot teas can have a major effect in relieving the pain of the sore throat. Lemon and honey can be brought in use too. However, prolonged use of it can harm the teeth instead of being of use.


The dentists advise the patients to quit smoking to improve their oral health. Once the treatment is over, the patient should wash the teeth twice a day. The patient should also rinse the mouth with a recommended mouth wash by the dentist, which can ease the sore throat pain. To eliminate the painful throat and endorse its remedial, one must highly take care of his/her oral hygiene.

If a person follows the remedies, then he/she would be able to relieve the pain of the sore throat after dental cleaning faster and better. The dentists at Smile Time Dental suggest precautionary measures so that the patient may be able to take proper care of his/her dental health. Call us on 281-245-0711 for more information.

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