Teething is a milestone all parents look forward to. As triumphant as it is, the teething process is not easy, neither for babies nor for the parents. This is because of the symptoms that are brought along with this. When the baby undergoes teething, it may have a fever, runny nose, and itching in the gums, but is a persistent diaper rash connected?

In this blog, we will figure out whether a rash is in any way related to the teething process or not.

Teething And Diaper Rash – What Is The Relation?

Teething is often correlated to many conditions such as diaper rash, fever, runny nose, etc., in babies; however, in reality, there is no link between them.

If we want to tie them together deliberately, a far-fetched relation can be in an instance where the drool from babies while teething upsets their stomach, leading to diarrhea and ultimately resulting in a diaper rash.

In a nutshell, there is no relationship between teething and a baby having diaper rash.

Real Signs That A Teething Baby Shows

Every individual is different. However, they show a few common symptoms apart from fever, rash, etc. which are:

  • Excessive drooling – this is primarily due to high saliva production.
  • Increased chewing – gum irritation and inflammation result in an increased urge to chew on anything they find lying around.
  • Pain in the gums – the discomfort is usually moderate and in the form of episodes. This will result in your baby acting a bit fussier than normal. It is in pain, not high enough to cry, but to cause sleeping issues at night.

Treatment for rash In teething Babies

Just like the cause, treatment is not related to one another. For your baby, teething or not, these tips for diaper rash treatment would work:

The best and easiest way to treat and prevent diaper rash is to keep it clean and dry at all times.

Other options include:
Getting your hands on mild hydrocortisone or antifungal cream or an ointment. The choice depends on the type of diaper rash on the teething baby’s bum. If you observe that topical items are not showing effect, get a differential diagnosis for bacterial infection. In that case, oral antibiotics work well.

In the meantime, do not sit idle until the rash clears. Bathe your child in warm water daily using a gentle, nourishing, non-fragrant soap bar.

You may find many over-the-counter OTC topical ointments or creams to soothe diaper rash; there are some ingredients you must steer clear from. Any item that has baking soda, salicylates, phenol, benzocaine, or boric acid is likely to cause irritation.


It is a notion that teething causes diaper rash, but there is no real relationship between these two. Teething is a separate process via which the baby gets its teeth. Whereas a diaper rash is a skin irritation that develops on a baby’s bum. If your baby is suffering from serious conditions, get in touch with a dentist immediately. Contact us at Smile Time Dental for more information.

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