Have you ever wondered that you step into your dentist’s clinic for a regular dental check-up and your dentist ends up asking you questions about your lifestyle and your medical history? That is because your dentist is trying to understand the entire picture.

Is it essential to know the entire picture because tooth decay is not only caused by irregular oral hygiene? It is an indication that there is something wrong is happening in your body. And that is because our body functions as an interconnected machine. There are several other diseases, which can cause tooth decay.

In this article are mentioned some diseases that can cause tooth decay.

Are You Diabetic?

If you are a diabetic patient, there is a significant chance you will develop a teeth decay. That is because when your insulin levels drop, it results in a higher blood sugar level. This impacts your mouth and other parts of the body.

Diabetes reduces the production of saliva in the mouth, which leads to a dry mouth. Salvisa is not only responsible for making your mouth comfortable. It also keeps the mouth clean of bacteria that cause tooth decay. Due to the low production of saliva, your teeth are more vulnerable. And there is a risk of you developing cavities. Tooth decay can also lead to gum diseases. Studies show that about 1/4 of all diabetic people develop gum disease.

Gum diseases can lead to high blood sugar levels, which can increase the severity of your diabetes. This is a vicious cycle and needs to be addressed immediately.

Are You Suffering From An Autoimmune Condition?

A lot of people suffer from an autoimmune condition. What this means is your body carries a disease that’ll attack the body parts. It could be the organ systems like the liver or smaller systems like your salivary glands.

Some of the diseases might have an impact on your mouth, but Sjögren is one of the most common syndromes. Sjögren is a situation when your mouth reduces or stops producing saliva. Very similar to a diabetic patient. This makes it compulsory for people with Sjögren to schedule a dental visit every six months (or more often in some cases) to make sure there is no spread in teeth decay. Your dentist will also recommend using mouthwashes and lozenges to help increase saliva production in your mouth.

How Can Body Care Help You Prevent Tooth Decay?

Mentioned here in this article are some of the diseases that cause tooth decay. The connection between your mouth and your body is not clear; hence, your dentist always asks your medical history questions.

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