If the tooth hurts when you bite down, then it might be an indicator for an underlying condition. Let’s have a look at some causes of why you face tooth pain while biting.

Tooth or Its Filling Hitting Harder than Others

Occlusion in dental language means two teeth coming in contact with each other or to put it simply, occlusion describes the way teeth bite together. In a perfect scenario, the pressure on your teeth when you bite down should be even. Meaning no tooth or fillings bear extra force.

Your tooth hurts when you bite down with improper occlusion as you chew. Usually, people notice the tooth aching soon after getting their dental treatment. Moreover, any tooth higher than regular causes pain and discomfort on the opposite side because of contact.

Large Sized Cavity

Are you suffering from toothache after eating types of food? This may be because of decay or a cavity in the tooth. This leads to sensitive teeth. In certain conditions, food gets stuck in these huge holes, which put pressure on it, and the tooth hurts when you bite down.

Dental Abscess

Another common reason is dental abscess. It effectively hurts the tooth when you bite down anything. It is a pus accumulation caused due to bacterial infection that results in immense pain. This accumulation causes swelling inside the tooth and pressurizes the tooth.

Cracked Tooth

Usually, a cracked tooth suddenly causes pain in a tooth when you bite down without giving any other sign. Therefore when it hurts after eating, you should see where it is coming from. And visit your dentist for help.

Gum Disease

Underlying gum disease may also be the reason for your troubles. Periodontal or gum disease is often a result of poor oral hygiene. Patients experience teeth sensitivity, tartar, diastema or spaces between the teeth, and movement of teeth when they have gum disease.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth grow last and are often awkward because of less space. This results in molar tooth pain, more so when you bite or chew down.

Sinus Pressure or Congestion

Your teeth’ roots are near the nasal sinuses; you may suffer from tooth pain because of their inflammation too. If you feel constant pain in your teeth, especially at the back, talk to your dentist for as soon as possible.

Root Exposure

Extreme sensitivity is common when there is pressure on the exposed root. Patients suffer from sharp pain when they eat or drink in certain cases. Why does this happen? When food gets stuck in the surface of your root, this happens.

Receding Gums

Several factors cause receding gum, such as aggressive tooth brushing, bruxism, gum disease, or trauma.

Involuntary Teeth Grinding and Clenching – Bruxism

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding at night or in the morning puts extra pressure on the teeth leading to tooth pain or fracture. Some people involuntarily grind their teeth during sleep. Also, clenching is a natural response to stress for a few people. The good news is that wearing a mouthguard is helpful in this situation.

Talk To Your Dentist

Tooth pain does not resolve itself. You can’t live off on DIY home remedies or by resting along with taking OTC pain relievers. There is an underlying condition that you should get rid of. Call a dentist at Smile Time Dental if the tooth hurts when you bite down. We are for you; call us at 281 245 0711 and schedule an examination.

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