Can you really have a toothpaste allergy? Well, yes, you can! If your immune system overreacts to certain harmless substances, like toothpaste, you may have an allergy toward that substance. Allergies are a common chronic condition. Even though you may have heard of pollen allergies and food allergies, you may not have heard about an allergy to toothpaste at all. While it isn’t widespread, it can happen, so it is essential to know about it.

What exactly are the signs of allergic reactions?

If you are allergic to toothpaste, it isn’t likely that you’ll get a case of the sniffles every time you brush your teeth. In essence, your allergy signs depend on what ingredient you are allergic to and how serious your reaction is.

On the other hand, you may get a rash due to something called contact dermatitis. This is a type of contact allergy that is very common. Furthermore, if you are allergic to any ingredients in your toothpaste, you might see a red rash appear around your mouth or wherever the toothpaste came into contact with on your skin.

What exactly are the symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis?

Many symptoms can occur due to contact dermatitis, such as:

A reddish rash

itching that can sometimes be severe

cracked, scaly, or even dry skin

blisters and bumps, many times with crusting and oozing

tenderness, swelling, or even a sensation of burning

You should immediately notify your doctor if your pain becomes severe or painful. Furthermore, your doctor will help you find the primary source of your allergic reaction and develop a way to get you treated and comfortable!

What exactly should I do if I feel like I am allergic to my toothpaste?

The first thing you need to do if you get severe pain or a rash around your mouth is to stop using your toothpaste.

The next thing you need to do is to visit your dentist. Your expert dentist, such as Smile Time Dental, will recommend what you need to do to help solve your allergy issue and sustain good oral hygiene.

Do you need excellent dental care?

If you have a toothpaste allergy, you have come to the right place! Smile Time Dental can help guide you on what you need to maintain good oral hygiene with a toothpaste allergy. Located in Houston, Texas, we will make sure you have an appointment that makes you feel like you are at home! To learn more, call us today at 281-245-0711 . You can also visit our website at .

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