We all dream of perfect, beautiful smiles; cosmetic dentistry is the path to achieving it. The dentist uses veneers during the process that are custom designed to cover the damaged teeth. It plays many roles in hiding teeth flaws, and different types of veneers are available to suit individual needs. It plays a vital role in transforming the facial look, gaining confidence, and having a straight smile. An excellent cosmetic dentist will suggest the most suitable veneers as per the need.

Veneer has a shape of a thin shell, and the dentist places it at the front of the tooth. It works to mend the damage done by the gaps, hides the strains and injury, and covers up the look of the misaligned tooth. Many types of veneers are available; amongst them, the most common are porcelain and composite veneers. Hence, most typically used by the dentist to improve the quality of your smile.

Many prefer Porcelain veneers due to its look and features. These are strong and shiny, so give a good appearance. However, they are in use for a long time due to its durability and last for a long time. Though being tough, but need replacement in case of damage.

Another type is the composite veneers. Compared to porcelain veneers, it has a shorter life due to its composition. Yet they are more affordable and fit in easily. Both types have their benefits and uses; the dentist will advise the best option. Other types of veneers include removable and temporary types. Veneers have given good results, and many people using it are satisfied.

You can find various types of veneers to suit your oral needs. At Smile Time Dental, the dentist suggests the best option after studying the oral history and the individual’s oral needs. We are happy to answer your queries and treat oral problems. Call us on  281-245-0711 to discuss your dental treatment.

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