If you’re unhappy with your teeth, your confidence and self-esteem suffer. Whether it’s embarrassing staining and discoloration, unsightly gaps between your teeth, or a crooked smile, veneers could be the answer to improve your smile.

Dr. Rosita Hamidi at Smile Time Dental shares five ways that veneers can effectively solve your  dental issues and give you a reason to smile again.

1. Veneers can hide small gaps between your teeth

Gaps between your teeth can be annoying and make you want to keep your lips closed when smiling, but veneers can hide these imperfections, giving your teeth a flawless appearance. Did you know that your teeth never stop moving? So it’s quite common when you’ve had orthodontics as a child or young adult for gaps to appear as you age, undoing much of that hard work.
They are designed specifically to fit your teeth to achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming of. We can match the color with your existing teeth while filling in those gaps by making some them slightly larger than others to create a gapless smile.

2. Covering stains and discoloration is easy with veneers

A lot of patients come to us at Smile Time Dental because they’re unhappy with the discoloration of their teeth. It’s normal for the stains on your teeth to build up over time, eventually turning your teeth a darker, more yellow color.
Veneers are resistant to staining and are designed to look like your natural teeth, only better. They can be a more effective solution than whitening treatments, which don’t always work on tough stains, and are long-lasting when cared for with regular brushing and flossing.

3. Veneers create a straight smile by covering crooked teeth

Braces are a long and uncomfortable way of dealing with crooked teeth, but did you know that veneers are another approach to straighten your smile? Because your teeth are continuously moving, it’s not unusual for some of them to become crooked over time, which can be quite noticeable when the rest of your teeth are poker straight and pearly white.
Placing porcelain veneers over the affected teeth corrects any crookedness and restores a natural straight smile.

4. Veneers can repair chips and cracked teeth

For minor chips and breaks to your teeth, veneers are often the preferred option to crowns and bridges. You might not be aware that you have cracks or imperfections in your teeth, but these dips and troughs can attract cavity-causing bacteria and weaken your teeth over time, requiring further treatment.
They cover these damaged spots to restore your teeth to their natural beauty and keep your smile healthier for longer.

5. Veneers replace worn edges with straight ones

Your teeth can wear down over time from eating and from grinding your teeth at night. The results of this wear is most noticeable on the edges, although it can also cause an uneven smile along your gumline.

Fitting veneers is one of the best ways to correct this issue and restore a natural smile that prevents any more wearing down and erosion for years to come.
To discuss the imperfections that you want to fix and see if veneers are the right option for you, use our online form to arrange a consultation today or call the office to set up your appointment.

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