A dental implant may feel a valid solution to many for a missing tooth replacement. It functions similar to the natural tooth and feels real to people. But this is not the only choice. There are other alternatives to dental implants. Patients who do not prefer a dental implant or their oral condition does not allow to have a dental implant can go for other alternatives.

Choices other alternatives against dental implants

People may prefer to have from the following in case they cannot have an implant:

Full Mouth Denture

A full mouth denture is a valid choice for all those people who have lost a lot of their teeth, and their jaw bone is not sufficient or strong enough to have an implant. All those people who plan to get all their teeth removed because of gum disease or infection can also go for full mouth dentures. They would easily have a new smile with straight teeth.

Partial Dentures

Those who have lost only a few of their teeth but do not want to have a dental implant can ask their dentist for partial dentures. They work when a person has some healthy teeth remaining in his/her mouth. The partial dentures are designed in a way that the base matches with the gums. Furthermore, the color of these artificial teeth matches the color of your natural teeth.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are another effective way to restore your teeth and your lost smile. Bridges are helpful when more than one tooth is missing and need to be replaced. The dentist fixes the bridge at the place of missing tooth/teeth. The adjacent teeth on each side of the bridge support it. The patient cannot remove these, and therefore, these feel like natural teeth.

If you have lost your tooth/ teeth in an unpleasant incident and do not want a dental implant, then choose from the alternatives that suit you. The dentist at Smile Time Dental is always ready to help you as per your choice. Call us on 281-245-0711 to discuss your favorite option.

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