A dental implant is an ideal solution to replace a missing tooth. The result is not only an actual looking tooth but also the one that works precisely alike. But, to carry the procedure, the jawbone has to be strong enough to hold it. If not, the dentist opts for a bone graft. Bone grafting creates a strong foundation to hold dental implants. However, it’s a surgical procedure, but what to expect after dental bone graft?

The bone grafting procedure

Bone grafting is a slow process. During the dental bone graft, the surgeon takes the bone from some other part of the body or some special one and grafts onto the jaw bone. Then in a few months, the new bone adjusts and grows in the gums. The time duration may vary depending on the individual. However, only after the graft fixes correctly, and healthy bone tissue is in place will a dentist begin the implant.

After the surgery

Like other surgery, after the dental bone graft, the patient gets some discomfort. It is not much painful as tooth extraction, but a minor pain in normal. The face also swells up after the surgery, which is a typical aftermath. Taking pain killers or using ice packs can help ease pain and discomfort. If the pain does not normalize in a few days, talk to the doctor to find a solution. Though generally in a few days, the pain and swelling go away.

Diet after the dental bone graft

The diet may vary; however, for a few days, many will only be on liquids and soft mashed food. The doctor will give guidelines to follow. Usually, the patient has to have juices, milkshakes, and smoothies for a few days to heal and afterward can replace with mashed vegetables, soft deserts, or scrambled eggs.

Besides these, the doctor is the best person to reply to what to expect after dental bone graft? Want to know more, schedule your appointment with the team at Smile Time Dental. You can call us at 281-245-0711 .

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