Brushing your teeth is a major part of your oral hygiene. It’s probably something you’re used to. But do you remember the day you first started brushing? What age does one need to start caring for their dental health?

Maybe you don’t want the answers for yourself but for your child. So, if you’re a parent, don’t worry. Rather than fretting over when to start brushing your baby’s teeth, just have a look at this blog. We’ve listed out the prime age and methods to build a good oral hygiene routine.

Should You Brush Your Baby’s Teeth?

Of course! Instead of waiting for your little one to sprout all their teeth, get to it as soon as you can. Children are much more susceptible to tooth decay, especially if they drink from baby bottles.

To make sure your child has good dental health, introduce them to the world of brushing teeth as soon as you can. This way, you won’t have to deal with a toddler who hates brushing and constantly runs away from the thought of it.

Moreover, before starting your baby’s oral hygiene journey, visit a pediatric dentist for more information and dental tips.

When To Start Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth

Many parents think that it’s best to wait until all their baby’s teeth have erupted. However, that is not the case. The longer you wait for more teeth to pop out, the worse it will get for previously erupted teeth. This is precisely why dentists recommend starting brushing your baby’s teeth the moment their first tooth breaks out.

Considering how children usually start teething around six months, it is ideal to seize that moment. Not to mention, the earlier you start exposing your child to good oral habits, the more they will adopt and learn.

But remember not to go overboard! A baby doesn’t need fancy toothbrushes or huge dollops of toothpaste. On the contrary, the smallest bit of toothpaste can work wonders. Think: the size of a grain of rice. As for the toothbrush, you can get a silicone finger brush or a small toothbrush with extremely soft bristles.

What Happens If You Don’t Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth?

Unfortunately, if you wait for too long or neglect your child’s oral health, you could be paving the way for serious dental issues.

The moment a child starts teething, their pearly whites are exposed to all the bacteria and germs around them. This further leads to plaque buildup, which can transform into severe dental cavities or tooth decay.


To sum it all up, there isn’t a set timeline for when to start brushing your baby’s teeth. This is because the moment their first tooth erupts, it needs to be brushed and taken care of. Otherwise, it could cause untreated dental cavities and result in the tooth falling off.

Nevertheless, rather than wondering about the DOs and DONTs of your child’s oral health, consult a pediatric dentist. For more information, you can contact Smile Time Dental at (281) 245-0711 and schedule an appointment today. Or, if you’d like to come and visit our dental office, you can find us at 10185 Westview Dr, Houston, TX 77043, near M&I Beauty Salon.

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