A dental implant bridge is the closest option to natural teeth when you are missing a broad span of teeth. These are small titanium posts that mimic previous roots. When a dentist uses an implant-supported bridge, he/she places one implant in the jawbone for each missing tooth. Later, the crowns (false teeth) are connected to each other to form one piece. There are several benefits of implant-supported bridges. Let’s have a look at those.

Benefits of implant-supported bridges

Dental implants provide unparalleled support and stability for restorations. A dental bridge helps one to feel comfortable with a smile and enables a person to eat or chew normally. They also help to keep the jawbone secure and healthy after tooth loss. These provide invaluable benefits, such as:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Better oral health
  • Lifelike and lasting results
  • Complete dental function

Who needs these bridges?

People having large spaces, including several teeth that may be missing, could benefit from having an implant-supported bridge. At times, an accident or injury may damage a tooth beyond repair. Furthermore, decay or infection can be so deep within a tooth that neither filling nor root canal is sufficient. Besides this, a person may lose a tooth naturally, or the dentist may remove it. In such cases, a crown alone is not an option, and a dental bridge may be the best choice.

How to protect the implant-supported bridge?

It is essential to keep gums and bone are as healthy as they could lead to the risk of dental implant failure. By using care aids and habits, one can have long-lasting implants. Visiting dentist on a regular basis will increase the success rate of implant and will decrease the chances of problems with any dental work.

Smile Time Dental has a team of experts who are professionals at installing implant-supported bridges. If you have lost several teeth in a row and are looking for a suitable option, then visit us. You can also call us on 281-245-0711 to get your desired information.

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