After giving birth, you may notice some changes happening in your baby’s body in the coming days. Do not worry; its growing, and thus gradual changes are expected. You may find that the tongue of your baby has gone white – nothing to worry about. The white layer can either be oral thrush or, simply, milk residue.

White tongue in babies is a usual occurrence. Infants are given nourishment from breast milk or artificial formula. Sometimes these tiny babies can also develop oral thrush, a common yeast infection easily treatable with a healthcare provider’s help.

Give this blog a read to learn more about why your baby may develop a white tongue. Let us explore symptoms and possible treatment options.

Why Does My Baby Have White Tongue?

Milk Residue

A baby’s mouth is not like that of a grown-ups; they secrete very minute amounts of saliva from their glands until they turn 4 months old. It is because of this less quantity it gets tough for them to get rid of the milk residues themselves naturally.

Sometimes the babies may suffer from tongue-tie, it is a condition that limits tongue movement resulting in milk residue buildup. This issue can also occur if the baby’s mouth roof or palate is higher than usual and their tongue can’t reach it.

How to Get Rid Of Milk Residue?

Regardless of the cause, milk residue isn’t a cause of concern because the problem is temporary. The baby’s white tongue will have its natural color back once it reaches the age of 4 months and starts producing more saliva and eating solids as part of its diet.

Oral thrush

When the yeast infection which occurs because of fungus Candida overgrowth takes place, that condition is known as thrush. The same culprit causes nappy rashes and infections in the vagina.

When it’s oral, the infection may quickly spread on the other parts of the mouth of your baby, which it uses while sucking, that includes the lips, tongue, and inner cheeks. In addition to that, thrush may develop on your nipples as well which may pass on to the mouth of your baby, giving its tongue white color.

Symptoms Your Baby Has Thrush

Oral thrush presents itself with symptoms more than just a white tongue. Open your baby’s mouth wide enough; you may find thick white coatings all over its mouth and the inner side of the cheeks.

However, do not panic after you see these symptoms. Once you find them, rush to the hospital for oral thrush treatment, even if it’s minor. Minor ones can always spread and make matters worse. So visit your nearby dentist and let them have a look at their condition.

What causes thrush?

Babies do not have strong immune systems at the time of birth. That is why they can’t fight bacterial or viral infections and because of that it is easy for the yeast to attack different parts of its body. However, weak immunity is not always the cause. If your baby is on antibiotics for an infection, it may kill the good bacteria and trigger yeast growth.

Oral Thrush Treatment

Your baby’s dentist or healthcare provider may prescribe antifungal medication gel. Ensure proper application to all mouth parts, including the gums, tongue, cheeks, and palate. Repeat this a few times a day.


Milk residues are easily wiped off with a soft, damp cloth. However, if your baby has developed oral thrush, give a call to us at Smile Time Dental to know what should be done next. Dial 281 245 0711 for more information.

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