A dental crown is a cap the dentist place on the tooth if it is cracked or damaged. It even improves the appearance and size of the tooth. Additionally, it gives extra strength and functionality to the tooth. Few patients complain, “why does my crown hurt,” so is it normal? Mild pain is normal, but a rising one needs treatment. Visit the dentist if your crown starts hurting frequently, and the pain gradually becomes intolerable.

Many of us have crowns in our teeth. Initially, it isn’t easy once the dentist attaches the top. Therefore the person needs time to adjust to the new crown. Chewing and biting with an artificial piece can be a challenge for many. Though, we fit in a few days. However, if it persists and intensifies, visit a dentist. Generally, within a few days, eating and drinking habits come back to normal.

Reasons if your crown hurts 

Few common dental crown issues that cause pain include;

  • A damaged nerve in the tooth can cause pain. Nerve irritation is a result of many factors, like an infection or even a wrong bite of the hard food. Thus, the dentist has to remove the crown and treat the nerve.
  • Another issue can be the wrong size of the crown that the dentist fixes. If it is bigger or taller, individuals will have pain while eating, biting, and chewing. Although the dentist takes excellent care while fixing crowns, mistakes can occur.
  • People are having bruxism suffer from pains in the crown. Bruxism or teeth grinding irritates the teeth. Dentist suggests mouth guard for people having this habit.

Why does my crown hurt? Seriously, it is a concern with you, and the pain is increasing days after the crown placement, visit the dentist. Our team at the Smile Time Dental is always glad to provide all your dental concerns. You can also call us on 281-245-0711 and schedule your appointment.

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