Do you really need a crown after a root canal procedure? Well, it totally depends on your dentist and your teeth restoration situation. A root canal is required to reach the pulp when the infection goes beyond limits.

A crown is a covering or more like a safety cap over your infected/treated tooth, which safeguards it and gives a good appearance. Let’s discuss when the tooth needs a crown after root canal therapy.

Do I Really Need A Crown After Getting Root Canal Done?

It is crucial to figure out whether a crown is needed on a tooth that has had a root canal. One of the pointers is tooth location which determines the severity of its protection with a crown.

Let’s take a look at the teeth up front. The incisors do not deal with much wear and tear or bite force than those present at the back of the jaw. Therefore, a composite bonding crown is safe to restore them after the treatment.

However, the primary function of the teeth in the back of the mouth is grinding food and naturally have regular exposure to biting forces.

That tooth requiring a root canal is already suboptimal because of issues, so it does need protection from further damage.

A crown successfully encapsulates the restored tooth and enhances its look. Furthermore, it protects it from the wrath of acids and bacteria inside the oral cavity.

Crown Placement after Root Canal

After the final treatment or any follow-up appointments, the patient shall now return to set up the final crown.

A crown prevents many problems that a weak tooth has to face. The tooth does not heal properly if the crown placement is delayed after a root canal.

Once the infected tooth is all clean after a root canal, your dentist will start to prepare for the crown, and the first step is shaving off enamel from all sides.

The reason behind it is to give the crown a perfect or more like a tighter fit to the tooth. Firstly, a tooth impression is taken. This is possible by having the patient bite on a mold. Next, that mold with impression is sent to the lab for crown preparation.

Meanwhile, the dentist will snap-fit a temporary crown for teeth protection. The crown is placed in the final appointment after it arrives from the lab.

Recovery Period after Root Canal

There is no need for a separate healing time or observing a recovery period after getting a crown. However, following the treatment, the patient may feel a heightened sensitivity to hot or cold edibles. The issue is usually overcome by using desensitizing products such as toothpaste.

Final Words

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