You may think getting retainers after braces are not that important and, more so, an unnecessary step. However, retainers are much needed after taking braces off to maintain the changes that took so much of your time and effort.

Retainers – What Are They?

Retainers for teeth are custom devices that help keep teeth in their newly changed position. They are orthodontic instruments used after the teeth are treated and have been through placement correction.

They are best at keeping the teeth in their position. You may feel irritated while wearing them, but it is better than having metal braces and brackets wired all over your teeth again.

Types of Retainers Used After Braces

There are 3 main types of retainers used:

Hawley Retainers These are removable ones perfect for use after braces. They are also wired and easily taken off at will whenever you want. Thus, the users may remove them while eating and clean them to maintain oral hygiene.

  • Bonded Retainers
    Bonded, as the name suggests, are fixed on the teeth after braces. This is required in those people who need them daily all the time. Bonded retainers stay on the teeth for a few months after traditional braces are taken off to keep the teeth in the position where they should be.
  • Clear Plastic Retainers
    If you do not want that classic look again, we understand. Fortunately, clear or transparent retainers are available for use after braces. Clear retainers are custom-made according to the teeth size, which fit perfectly. They are extremely popular because of their invisible look.

How Long Should We Wear Retainers?

Depends on the type. Bonded ones are irremovable; therefore, they stay on the entire time every day until the dentist decides to take them off. As far as removable ones are concerned, the period depends on the treatment type and your dentist’s preference.

However, you should know that retainers are recommended every time for a span of at least 9 months after the braces are taken off.

Slowly and gradually, the time reduces. But unfortunately, you can’t not wear a retainer after braces. By doing this, you are risking it going back to its initial position.

What If We Don’t Wear Retainers After Braces?

Teeth move a lot the entire lifetime. And more so after you change their position with braces. They have the tendency to move back in their original form. That is why, in order to stop that, dentists mostly go for retainers as a follow-up after braces.

Final Words

For long-lasting results, retainers after braces are crucial. Adequate aftercare means lesser healing time and follow-up treatment. We hope this blog has answered all your queries. Still, in case you are worried about the commitment to retainers, contact dentists from Smile Time Dental at (281) 245-0711 for more.

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